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Discover the Secrets of Ancient History

Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Edward Nightingale's upcoming new book, The Giza Template: Heavens Measure, explains the significant astronomical aspect of the Giza Plateau. It's based on the constellations of Orion and Leo, and an ancient calendar. The first book in the series, The Giza Template, Temple Graal, Earth Measure, covers the earth and ground. The new sequel covers the sky and constellations. Learn how our movement through the sky was recorded at Giza. Oral history passed secrets through initiates and priests. Find out how ancient architects preserved scientific knowledge in the construction of the pyramids to prevent its being lost.

Volume Two

Read About Volume Two, The Giza Template: The Leo, Orion Relationship

Learn Why Giza Is a Repository of Knowledge

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About Edward Nightingale, Researcher & Author

Edward Nightingale has uncovered the design for the Giza Plateau and the pyramids. After more than 20 years of research, his findings are presented in his two-part series on what is known as the Giza Template. He lives in Bangor, Pennsylvania, accepts speaking engagements, and his books are available worldwide.

He offers a mathematical and geometric blueprint, not theory. You can follow along step-by-step as he verifies his scientific method. No other researcher has been able to uncover the architectural design of the pyramids and present it in such detail. The information is serious and precise.

As a Master woodworker using geometry and math to build structures, Edward Nightingale always had a sense of wonder about the pyramids. To verify his ideas about how they were designed, he traveled to Egypt in 1997, knowing the answer was there. After years of diligent research and the advent of satellite imaging, he figured out the design and why it exists. Now he shares it with you.

Edward Nightingale


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