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Edward Nightingale's books have been well reviewed. Read what persons of authority have to say about this informative series that uncovers the mysteries of Giza.

"The Giza Template is the Architectural Rosetta Stone."
— John Anthony West

"Edward Nightingale is an accomplished architect with a deep sense of mission. He has devoted many years in a solitary attempt to extract the lost knowledge encoded in the mathematical and astronomical design of the Giza Necropolis. These ancient giant structures that have stood in brooding silence for a score of millennia may at long last discharge a "message for the planet" thanks to his brilliant work and dedication. A must-have book for all questing for that mysterious lost knowledge which allowed humans to raise unbelievably massive stone monuments with such baffling precision and ease."
— Robert Bauval

"What a surprise! This work might be a milestone achievement in the history of science. Edward G. Nightingale may not fully realize the breakthrough discovery that he has made. (...)"
— Michael A. Sherbon
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